april. XV . my feelings in a picture, poem , paragraph, phrase , you get the deal

hope that's chill ....

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“A good goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot.”
Chris Soriano (via w-ildfires)

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for someone who pretends to have no emotions whatsoever im really sensitive


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“Never forget what a person says to you when they are angry.”
Henry Ward Beecher  (via h0odrich)

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“We were something, but we weren’t nothing, and that meant we could be anything.”
jenn satsune (via ohsatsune)


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“I want you to feel something when you hear my name.”
poisuun (via poisuun)

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“I knew it wasn’t too important, but it made me sad anyway.”
J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye (via simply-quotes)

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"You’re not everything I want, you’re everything I need."

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If I reply with “oh” I either don’t give a fuck or I feel like i’ve been punched in the throat

Punched in the throat

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“I feel greedy and possessive cause all I can think about is calling you mine.
3 am thoughts (via suspend)

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The saddest word
in the whole wide world
is the word almost.

He was almost in love.
She was almost good for him.
He almost stopped her.
She almost waited.
He almost lived.
They almost made it.

Tiny Stories (via untamedunwanted)

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it scares me that you never know what someone is thinking or feeling towards you and everything that they say could be one massive lie

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“I know I probably don’t cross your mind much anymore but I hope someday you see something that reminds you of me and the things we use to spend hours talking about at night and then your throat gets tight and your heart skips a beat and you finally miss me back.”
I miss you so much - missinyouiskillingme (via perfect)

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“I only want this with you.”

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